Hung Kee Timber & Metal Ltd.

146E Pok -Wai  San -Tin ,Yuen-Long , Hong Kong

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   With 50 years of history and expert in buying and selling quality new and used timber and construction metals. We can provide solution to your factory, building or construction removal and waste handling needs. Our business yard in Yuen Long have ever-changing inventory of new and used timber, used machineries, construction metals, factory supplies-leftover & many other hard-to-described goods.

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 buy used Office and Industrial Equipment

structural steel

building materials

provide Plywood & Lumber

Industrial machinery

removal service

trade in used construction

materials, wood, steel etc.

Industrial warehouse Supplies Clearance

all kind of  Metal Scrap  copper, aluminum .etc

Environmental friendly Building Supplies (wood)

used Industrial Machinery trade in

provide (New or Used)

Plywood, Timber & Plank


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